Saturday, May 29, 2010

Challenging and Promising Future

With the development of the whole mechanical industry, valves are adopted in many fields. According to the various requirements, there exist more than 200 kinds of valves, reaching an amount of more than 3000 specifications. But we must admit the fact that the majority valve's producers in china are the minor enterprises which are not able to compete with the international valve's suppliers. In fact, China stands a low position with the aspect of developing and producing high-tech valve products. It is true that the valves which are operated in major projects with large scale of petrifaction and nuclear power, etc. are imported. I believe that every company in China wants to be a competitive and independent one in this field. Certainly, the urgent task is to apply new technology into valve's producing in order to make China to be competitive.

Nowadays, we have found that the idea of human oriented is popular on every aspect. Previously, we focus more on the product's raw material, structure, mechanical strength, working performance and service time. Since valves are closely related in our daily life, the spirit of human-orient should be truly and efficiently implemented. We can't be restricted by the traditional ways. It is no doubt that the ones with sprit of innovation strive out. It is suggested that the products which can generate the idea of security, energy-saving and environmental protection harmoniously stand out.

With the quick development of high technology, it is necessary to apply them in to the products. As the conditions of high and low temperature, high pressure, micro vacuum, deep-etching, radioactivity and rank poison become more and more common, the requirements for the valves should take more serious consideration on these aspects. The raw material concerns a lot. Our major task is to develop new suitable material using new high-tech to produce valves. It is well-known that the information-basing tries to improve people's daily life. Basing on this, we can try to realize the all-in-one of information technology and artificial intelligence technology. Then it is the real innovation of the valves.

We can't drive our attention only on the separate new valves production. From some perspectives, we can invent some special valves in particular fields. They are said to be the corollary equipments. Only the specific ones can affect well. The valve's designer should have a clear understanding of the whole project. Then he or she would know how to choose the most proper material and structure. As a consequence, the benefits are maximized.

Above all, maybe it is the major tendency of the field of valves. The minor enterprises hold their own teams of research and development. The aim and focus varies. But for all of them, it is important to learn from the previous experience. Considering the current situation on valves, we hope China's valves would proceed a healthy and competitive way and lead to a promising future.

Gao Grace

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