Monday, October 22, 2007

What Makes Cash Gifting A Viable Home Based Business Alternative?

Hopefully you had a chance to read the first part of this article on Cash Gifting, as it exposes some of the reasons many Cash Gifting programs failed in the past. A solid Cash Gifting program, if it is to be a legitimate home based business alternative, must be simplistic in nature, without surprises, smoke and mirrors and incorporate a very effective and efficient business model.

With this in mind, let's take a look at a program and see if it meets the standards to become a viable income opportunity.

A Cash Gifting home based business model needs:
1) A simple to follow, time tested and proven, marketing system that anyone can follow. This will assist a new member in starting their work from home opportunity correctly.
2) A tracking system that allows a member to track the scheduled arrival of any gifts being sent to them.
3) A fully functional back office where all members can update personal information.
4) Tutorials on advertising with classifieds, ezines, banners, Pay Per Click, voice broadcasting etc. Along with access to prewritten ads that have been tested and proven to deliver results.
5) An area where the members can order advertising tools such as company approved custom business cards, postcards and flyers.
6) Members should also have access to autoresponders, lead generation and a follow up letter series to stay in contact with new prospects.
7) Above all, a step - step system that takes the new member through the process from sign up, to paperwork completion, to advertising… Right up to the point when they receive their cash gift at the door.

Now with all of the above components in place, an entrepreneur should be able to launch a home based business without investing a lot of effort in start up. In this type of ideal environment the majority of time can now be spent on developing the business, as the business infrastructure is already in place.

Every work at home business needs a strong foundation to be successful. With more and more people every day looking to make extra income in their free time, getting started "right" is the key element between success and failure. It really doesn't matter if you're looking to leave your J-O-B; working from home to spend more time with the kids; a Baby Boomer working toward retirement; or someone just looking to create the excitement of building his/hers own fortune, one thing remains true to all business, without a strong business model or foundation you set yourself up for failure. Author Henry David Thoreau said it very well, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

Wishing you a multitude of success in whatever you do and remember that, "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." (William Jennings Bryan 1860-1925, American Lawyer, Politician)

God Bless and Always Remember To Make It A Great Day!!

Michael J Kohn
New Image Marketing Group, Inc.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Work At Home Online Business Tips

Sometimes it can be a bit of a juggle finding enough hours in the day around your day job to successfully start and build a work at home online business, so herewith some tips to make your online home business building process smoother.

When starting a work at home online business and going through the training there always appears to be so much to do and of course we want to get everything set up as quickly as possible in order to start making money online.

However, you may find that a lot of the information that you are provided with is totally new to you and so before being able to implement the tasks you may need to learn some additional skills and so you need to try and avoid suffering from information overload.

By trying to get as much done as possible in the few hours available without having a total understanding of what you are doing will only lead to confusion and frustration. It can become overwhelming, so you need to focus on one task at a time and try and stay organized and work as efficiently as possible. Making use of To-Do Lists helps – you could have an urgent list, important list, daily, weekly and monthly lists.

It is highly likely that you will want to implement some changes to your website but at this stage your knowledge of html is really minimal, so you first may need to spend some time learning html before you move on to the stage of being able to successfully make changes to your website.

You will also be eager to start driving traffic to your work at home online business website and may want to implement a pay-per-click advertising campaign but your experience in this area of advertising is also lacking. Again you would need to spend time learning the ins and outs of pay-per-click before starting a campaign otherwise it could end up costing you dearly.

There are many internet marketing methods that you would no doubt be introduced to during your work at home online business training, such as article marketing, email marketing, forum marketing, blogging, traffic exchanges, safelists, pay per click, classified ads, ezine advertising, social bookmarking, etc. Avoid trying to implement them all at once. Choose one and focus on it until you are having success then move on until you have 2 or 3 methods that you are skilled at.

You may like to initially focus on building your list by getting subscribers to sign up for your work at home online business ideas newsletter. You can do this by buying leads, placing classified ads with your autoresponder email address in it rather than your website address, put an exit pop up on your home page, put a newsletter sign up form on all of your web pages, etc. Each new subscriber you get to your newsletter means that you are making progress.

You could for example then move on to learning how to write and distribute articles which is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website as you will be building back links to your website which will result in higher positions in the search engine results

Building a work at home online business is a step-by-step process and takes time. It is rather like building a house, you cannot put the roof on until the walls are built and you cannot build the walls until the foundations are laid and so building an online home business needs to follow a similar logical process.

Don’t rush, take your time and get to grips with the information provided in order to build a solid foundation to your online home business. Choose the internet marketing methods that are most effective for you and build your work at home online business one step at a time instead of trying to implement everything all at once.

About the Author:
Cynthia Minnaar is the owner of Subscribe to her Free Online Home Business Ideas Newsletter and learn how to start and build a work at home online business. Download a free copy of Dotcomology and learn the secrets of making money online. You may publish my article if you include the bio.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Real Job Opportunities for people who wants to work at home

Looking for jobs to work at home? You have come to the right article. I can help! This is Angeline, nice to meet you. :)

I have been earning a good income online ever since i sign up for this true legitimate site who provides a service to help people in finding some ways to work comfortably at home.

To tell you honestly, i was skeptical at first towards this work-at-home job opportunity site. But after much thinking, i decided to give it a try since i already quit my job as cashier.

After i sign up and become a member at this site, i was shocked to see there's so many information, resources, ways and jobs to work at home. So i began to try-out one by one.

Seriously, as a beginner, if you just focus on one stream of income opportunity, you won't earn much. I suggest you to try-out as many jobs as possible to maximise your money online.

Below are some of the legitimate work-at-home job categories this site provides after spending nine years of researching.

- Earn money typing simple ads
- Get paid giving opinion to market research companies
- Earn income through reading email advertisment at your inbox
- Get paid to try-out companies sample and complete offers online
- Earn profit selling products... and much more.

This work-at-home job directories site will provide you all the resources, simple step-by-step instruction to get you ready for working online and get paid every month.

Before you sign up for the information, they do require you to pay them a small fee of $49.95 for all the information, resources they provide you all at one go.

At first i was thinking if they really want to help us find a job to work at home, why do they want to charge a fee on it? Now i know that actually this small fee is to pay them for the time and effort they spend on researching.

It's help us reduce the time for searching and avoid the risk of being scammed as all the work-at-home job resources has already been test and prove by them that it's a legitimate companies before they give you their information and links.

After this small fee, all the resources, companies information they provide you are all free to register and join.

Till now, i did not regret after signing up for their membership because in just 1 week, i already earn my money back ..

oop, after much talking, i still did not tell you what's the site .. oh ya, my last request, message me if you have start earning money through this site, i hope to hear from you .. :)

Organic Food vs. Non-Organic - Which is Better?

Farming has been around for ages. At a point in time, this was what most people did until other things developed such as the automobile industry. The old way of farming otherwise known as non-organic involved the use of the following to fight pest infestations and to produce better crops.

The first are pesticides and herbicides. This was discovered in foods that appear to have highly toxic chemical residues. Thought the FDA has already banned these fertilizers from being used, chemical companies export it. Since some crops are imported, this comes back to the States and is eaten at home.

The second is contaminated sewage sludge. The idea was to use human waste to fertilize non-organic crops. This wasn’t a bad idea but this is also mixed with chemical and industrial waste before being sent to the treatment plant. Tests have shown that large amounts of this in the human body may contribute to chronic illnesses.

The third is the use hormones, antibiotics and remains of other animals. This is usually found in eggs, meat and dairy products. Doctors consider this as a disaster waiting to happen since incidents such as mad cow disease has already happened. This problem could even be worse for humans if this is ingested.

The last is irradiation. Spices are exposed to radiation to kill bacteria or microorganisms that may be present. This also does more harm than good since it can lead to various diseases.

Recently, studies have shown a different view since the chemicals and other substances used are toxic which caused various illnesses and deaths. To alleviate this threat, the government has decided to make changes in the agricultural industry. It encourages farmer to shift from the old ways to something that is better and safer for everyone.

This is what organic farming is all about. This kind of farming aims to develop crops and livestock using the most environmental, humane, economic systems available to date. For this to work, 2 things are needed. First is fertile land that can be used to plant different crops. The other is people who will work on the land.

European countries are also veering away from the old approach and are practicing it. These countries call it ecological agriculture which relies heavily on taking care of the environment.

Organic farming works on the following things:

1. Making sure the soil can be used for a very long time without the use fertilizers that were used in non-organic farming.

2. Giving the crops proper care using soil organisms and not by using pesticides.

3. The recycling of livestock manures and organic materials which includes crop residues.

4. Controlling the growth of weeds and insect infestation through crop rotation. This means not using anything that science has used in the ways of non-organic farming.

5. The growth of farm animals by paying attention to the evolutionary adaptations and respect for the natural process. This means that genetic engineering is strictly prohibited.

6. Lastly, the effects of this method on the environment.

In terms of which is better, everyone can see that this new approach is safer and better than the old one. It no longer uses genetic engineering, irradiation and sewage sludge which were the things used to make non-organic produce.

It is not easy though to stop non-organic produce to enter the market. This is because some products that are the demanded by the consumer have to be imported. Even if there efforts on the part of the government to ban the use of such substances, there are no regulations in the countries that export it to the United States.

Unless there is a regulation that is agreed by that country or the crops that are imported can be made locally in a major scale, this is something that cannot be eradicated. The best thing to do is to only buy organic foods that could substitute those that are not.

This requires more support from the consumer and tougher government legislation for the safety of the public.

The number of organic farmers has more than doubled in the past 16 years. This will continue to grow as long people see the bigger picture.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Working From Home

Working from home, or having a home business is what many people claim they would like. My question is do they really have any idea what having their own business entails? The term home is simply the place where the business will be conducted, it really doesn't mean anything. Yet everyone sees the commercials showing jackasses running around in tennis shorts and driving nice cars, saying they work from home and make some excessive amount of money. What people refuse to realize is that this is all BS designed to get your name and phone number so that information can be sold to sharks trying to sell you "the next big thing". If you call the 800 number and give them your personal contact information...WATCH OUT!

If you truly want to work from home, there's only one way to be successful. That's to follow your passion. That is, have your enterprise revolve around that which you feel passionate about. Everyone has a passion for something. It could be stocks, football, fishing, reading, raising children, running, selling, dogs, pets, or whatever. The point is to have your enterprise revolve around that which you have a passion for. Otherwise you won't put in the necessary work to make it a success. If your enterprise ends up feeling like a job, you're in trouble. Remember what the great Mark Twain said, "Make a vacation out of your vocation, and you'll never work a day in your life." I realize that this quote may sound a bit corny, but it's true nonetheless.

The motivating fact6or for working from home cannot be to make money. If it is you will fall into the various traps that unscrupulous companies lay, such as the 800 numbers making outrageous claims. Structure your enterprise so it revolves around your passion and the money will follow. Think about it. Do you really think that anyone who has achieved any real level of what the world calls success does it solely for the money? For example, do you really think Tiger Woods plays golf because of the money that he receives for doing it? Or Bill Gates. Do you really think he does what he does foe money? No they don't. They both do what they do because they have a true passion for it.

The bottom line is that working from home is a very real possibility. Just don't think you can be successful, truly successful, without following your passion. It just won't happen. You'll be disappointed again and again if you're motivating factor is money or the promise of money.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Of course you can work from home...

But the question is; do you really want to?

At present, being employed and working from home with absolutely no commute to the office is generally unheard of. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 10% of the NSW workforce Teleworks. This is where they still have to venture into their office, however also have the opportunities to take work home. It may sound like they get a great lifestyle, however, in truth, they still are bound by employer agreements- they still have to ask to have holidays, they still only get paid what their employer is willing to give them etc.

Co- Owner of Memories 2 Movies; Kelly Mouriliyan; says ‘the reality is that employment from home is extremely hard to find. You need professional skills, and you are still required to commute into the office now and then. I decided to become my own boss and really set my own hours’.

But before you even go down the path of looking around to start a business from home, there are a few things you should know before deciding that working from home is actually for you.

*You will be in your house most of the day- every day. This could really start to suck! Your house should be your sanctuary and if you start to mix work with your home, your security and sanctuary could start to feel invaded.

*You may have children running around and that can cause heaps of problems- especially if they get into things that they really shouldn’t (ie, products or papers etc) this can make it extra hard to talk on the phone or even appear professional to potential customers.

*Your social contact will be limited- especially if you have an E- Business. You will be limited to staring at the computer and start calling your kids or friends ‘Google’ or start screaming out ‘Yahoo” at the top of your lungs, or something similar…..

*Starting up a business will take loads of effort and time to set up and you will receive minimal profits for the first few months to years.

Statistics from the ABS reveal that business survival can be limited by whether or not you have employees in your business. Of the new business entries in 2003-04, 50% of these new non-employing businesses were still going in June 2006, compared to 80% of new employing businesses. (src-ABS media release-26/2/07)

Now, ask yourself this question; “Why do I want to work from home?”

The most common reason I hear to this question is because you need some extra money, but can’t afford to pay for childcare. I hear you on this one!!!
However, this in itself is not a good reason for starting up a business from home - especially when there is a high chance your kids will end up going to childcare anyway – as your business and your professionalism depends on having a quiet environment in which to work constructively.
Tash Hughes, Owner of Word Constructions says “I started my business from home so I could be with my daughters and do what I love, but it isn’t always easy to get away form the kids enough to actually get some work done! So I made use of family day care and occasional care.”

“Working from home around small children is a challenge, and certainly makes life interesting, but it is doable.” says Melissa Khalinsky- owner of Business Mums Network. “You need to plan many things around the children, especially making telephone calls! Take advantage of sleep and rest times, daycare, play dates, and any other opportunity for some uninterrupted time to do tasks that require close concentration”

If you want to work from home for the sense of achievement it brings in owning your own business, and the true flexibility your own business can give you, then being your own boss is a great option!
Owner of Real Mums, Amanda Cox (aka Mad Cow) says ‘I get to express my creativity and do what I really love and want to be doing. I’m not helping someone else fulfill their dream, and my ideas aren’t being stifled.’

So, What now?? If you plan on starting your own business, but have no clue as to where to start, here are a few steps to follow:

1) Visit to get some ideas about businesses from home and for some free, unbiased advice on working from home.
2) Research!! And ensure you do lots and lots of it!! Ask yourself these few questions:
-“Is my business unique?”
-“If not, do I offer something else my competitors don’t?”
-“Is there a target market for my business?”
-“Is there room for potential growth?”
If you need some help in answering these questions, I suggest you employ the services of a marketing or business coach to help you get going.
3) Decide on a business name and then do the appropriate checks to ensure it’s not taken!!
4) Visit for more information on the legalities of starting your own business. Ensure you comply with all regulations imposed by the government and your local council
5) Get yourself registered on some networking forums or groups. These are highly valuable and the support and resources you can get from them will propel your business forward.

So before you keep wishing you could work from home, have a good hard think about why!

Why invest in a home business?

Tired of having to wake up early just so you can avoid heavy traffic and arrive at your office before the clock says you are too early for the afternoon session? There might be a solution to that but it takes guts, talent and lots of hard work and determination.

You can avoid all the negative things associated with going to the office everyday by investing in a home based business. As the term denotes, a home based business refers to a business venture that is based right in the comforts of your home.

Most people dream of a home based job not only because it offers them an opportunity to work at home sans the hassle of going out and traveling to work everyday but also because of it financial rewards. A home based business may be risky because one never knows what fate awaits his business venture. However, a person who has successfully established a home based business has struck gold.

A home based business affords one all the freedom to do as he pleases and to operate his business using his own style and skills. On top of that, a home based business requires little capital and low overhead. Compared to a mall-based business which requires expensive rentals, a home based business requires no rent at all and this can be a favorable factor in the success of the business.

A person starting up a home based business will usually choose a business which is already familiar to him either because he is already practically in that business or it is his hobby. In such case, it is presumed that he already has most of the equipment needed to start the business. Most homes already have telephone connections so using a telephone for your home based business would no longer be an additional expense.

If you are already equipped with computers and printers you can also use them in your home based either for printing marketing leaflets or for setting up an inventory. You can even make your computer the basis of your new home business catering to the printing and computer requirements of your neighborhood.

A home business does not only allow minimal capital but it also creates savings for the businessman. The savings can be in the form of your budget for fuel, working clothes, vehicle depreciation and time which would be otherwise expended if you work somewhere else.

If you work for someone else, you get a fixed amount every month no matter the amount of effort you exert in your work. If you own a home based business, what you will earn will depend on how industrious you are and how dedicated you are to your business. Simply said, the more effort you exert in a home based business the better your financial rewards will be.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finding The Right Home Typing Job

There are hundreds and thousands of companies out there that offer home typing positions. The question is, which ones are legitimate? I've seen so many ads out there offering the same thing. It's difficult to pick and choose through so many of them. Well the fact of the matter is, the only way you will really know is to actually try them out yourself. Of course I'm not saying to spend every dime you have trying out every company you come across, but put a little money aside and try to find one that's going to be the most beneficial to you. There are actually some very reliable home typing companies out there and people are genuinely making money from working at home on their computer. You just have to do your own research. I recently followed my own advice and tried four different home typing companies. Out of the four companies I tested, I really was only happy with one. The content was very similar in each, with all the money making possibilities, although three, out of the four I tested had a high membership fee and offered lousy tech support which only left me completely confused on what I really needed to do to supplement my income efficiently. Two of the four companies didn't even answer my emails at all. They say "you get what you pay for" but this is not always true. The company I actually found to be most genuine and helpful had the lowest membership fee out of the other ones I tried and offered the best "one on one" technical support. Their step by step instructions are very clear and they offer several different kinds of helpful resources in their members area. Their team is very efficient on answering emails and leading you in the right direction. They provide all that is necessary to do the job in their members area, so I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who was searching for a true and genuine typing job from home.The money I have made so far has definitely exceeded my original expectations, so I actually consider the small membership fee I had to pay to be a very wise investment on my part. The company I chose is called
I wanted to give this company a high recommendation since there are so many out there that get a bad rap.