Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to Make Money With EBooks

People love ebooks these days as there is so much useful information that is available. By selling this information, you have an incredible opportunity to make money on the internet. This article will outline some excellent ideas on how to earn money with ebooks.
If you have written many articles in the past, you may be sitting on a gold mine. One thing you could do is compile those into an informational ebook and make money selling it on the Internet.
There is software available that will set this all up for you. eBookgold is a website that you will definitely want to check They offer great training on how to make ebooks and they make the process very simple.
You can make money selling your own ebooks and keep 100% of the profits. To do that you would need to market a moneymaking website that includes a sales page about your ebook.
Another way that people get rich making money with ebooks is they publish them and sell them in the Clickbank affiliate program. This is a great idea, because although you will pay out some of your profits in commissions, you can easily make up for that in the volume of ebooks sold.
Clickbank has affiliates numbering in the thousands, and they are always looking for great products. They are the largest digital information provider in the world and therefore an excellent place for you to sell your e-book.
If you decide you want to do this, be prepared to pay out 50 to 75% of your profits in commissions. The more money you are willing to give up, the better your chances are for more affiliates to get on board with selling your product.
Another idea that you can implement is embedding links to other products you sell within the ebook itself. You could then give the ebook away for free and let people read it and make purchases out of the embedded links.
Viral marketing is another way to make money with e-books. Allow people to create a brandable version of your ebook by joining affiliate programs underneath you. You want the programs to be 2 tier in nature so that whenever your affiliates are making a sale, you earn a commission as well.
These are a few ideas on how to make money with e-books. Because they provide instant access and contain information that people are interested in, they are always in demand and very easy to sell on the Internet. This creates a tremendous Internet money making opportunity for you.
John Baril lives in Delta, British Columbia, Canada with his wife and 2 young boys. John is a full time Paramedic and also runs a successful affiliate marketing business.
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